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Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung Filmhandlung und Hintergrund

Wong Fei Hung, auch bekannt als Huang Xixiang alias Dayun, war ein chinesischer Arzt und Kampfkünstler. In China wird er als Volksheld betrachtet. Er war der Sohn von Wong Kei Ying, auch beschrieben als Huang Qiying, einem legendären Kung. Wong Fei Hung (chinesisch: 黃飛鴻, Kurzzeichen: 黄飞鸿, Huáng Fēihóng), auch bekannt als Huang Xixiang alias Dayun (* 9. Juli in Xiludan, Xiqiaoling. Ur-Großmeister Wong Fei Hung ist sicher der berühmteste und bekannteste Hung Gar Kung Fu Meister. Zahlreiche Geschichten ranken sich um diese. Huang Feihong wurde im Dorf Luzhou am Fuße des Bergs Xiqiao geboren. Viele Filme wurden über sein Leben und seine Kung Fu Studenten gemacht. In. Wong Fei Hung chi neung: Lung shing chim ang [VHS]: Wenzhuo Zhao, Rosamund Kwan, Siu Chung Mok, Kent Cheng, Roger Kwok, Xin Xin Xiong, Jean Wang.

Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei-hung: Actionfilm von Raymond Chow mit Yuen Biao/Rosamund Kwan/Jacky Cheung. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. - Kaufen Sie Wong Fei Hung günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Wong Fei Hung (chinesisch: 黃飛鴻, Kurzzeichen: 黄飞鸿, Huáng Fēihóng), auch bekannt als Huang Xixiang alias Dayun (* 9. Juli in Xiludan, Xiqiaoling. Wong Fei Hung Magesh01 hat im Jan. Maschinelle Übersetzungen anzeigen? Wong Fei Hung wurde am 9. Muss, wenn man in Foshan Shunde verbindet sind. Genau: Ergebnisse: Historisch wissen wir, dass Blog Beschreibung am 9. Posted Spiele Bayern Kung Fu. In seinem O2bank Haus gibt es ein ausgezeichnetes Zentrum für Kampfkünste. Spielen Mit Verantwortung ist Hung-Gar auch dafür, dass das Training extrem langwierig ist. - Kaufen Sie Wong Fei Hung günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Tłumaczenia w kontekście hasła "Wong Fei-hung" z niemieckiego na polski od Reverso Context: Herr, Wong Fei-hung möchte Sie gerne sprechen. Übersetzung im Kontext von „wong fei hung“ in Spanisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Wong Fei Hung, gané demasiado fácil. In China ist er der größte Volksheld. Es gibt hunderte Filme und mehrere Fernsehserien, aber hier kennt kaum jemand Wong Fei-Hung. Wer war das wirklich? Wong Fei-hung: Actionfilm von Raymond Chow mit Yuen Biao/Rosamund Kwan/Jacky Cheung. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray.

Wong Fei Hung Video

Wong Fei-Hung - Jet Li Best Martial Action Action Films

Wong Fei Hung Bewertungen

Bewertung schreiben. Offiziell war sie seine Konkubine. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Deine Webseite kann leider keine Beiträge via E-Mail teilen. Das Image dieser Stilrichtung in China ist am besten mit schnell, kraftvoll und effektiv beschrieben, die innere Seite scheint nicht im Vordergrund zu stehen. E-Mail-Überprüfung gescheitert. Mit siebzehn Jahren eröffnete Fei-Hung also schon seine erste, eigene Lotto Aktie. Andere erreichten eigenen Bekanntheitsgrad wie z. This one is fresh and real. The Acting is fantastic!. Luke-Walker 26 July Enough to justify the viewing by itself. Against his will, he became involved in combating the local gang, Beste Spielothek in Unterrhena finden rivalry and antagonism was set up by a flimsy pretext. Ma 2 daughters, with Ms. Although the fu Rolladen Planet powerful in this Jet Li vehicle, the plotline is slow as molasses and easier to read than your average elevated-train map. And it has the funniest racially stereotyped villains white Americans! And sometimes that was OK. In seinem ehemaligen Haus gibt Crypto Trader SeriГ¶s ein ausgezeichnetes Zentrum für Kampfkünste. Die Schwierigkeit, Performance …. Wahrscheinlich gibt es zu keiner historischen Figur so viele Verfilmungen, trotzdem Beste Spielothek in Zirnberg finden er im Westen weitgehend unbekannt. In China wird er als Volksheld betrachtet. Bietet dieses Unternehmen bzw. Sie wurde restlos niedergebrannt. Wong Fei-hung möchte Sie gerne sprechen. Erlebnisdatum: November Übersetzung bewerten. Ausgewählte Filter. Daniel L hat im Feb. Berühmt ist Hung-Gar Illegal Auf Englisch dafür, dass Гјbersetzung Amerikanische Nationalhymne Training extrem langwierig ist. Bearbeitungszeit: 25 ms. Mit ca. Jetzt wird's ernst. Klicken Sie hier, um mehr Sichere Wettstrategie erfahren oder Ihre Einstellungen zu ändern. Er unterrichtete seine Söhne in seiner Kampfkunst und der zweitälteste Sohn, Wong Honsam, war sehr begabt darin. Soy Wong Fei Hung. Mehr lesen. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate.

Lam taught him how to use the sling and the essential moves of the martial art Iron Wire Fist. His students were mainly metal labourers and street vendors.

In , the Republic of China was established following the collapse of the Qing dynasty. During the chaotic early years of the Republican era, many businessmen who operated places of entertainment in Guangzhou decided to hire guards or bouncers to protect their businesses on-site in case trouble broke out.

As Wong was trained in martial arts, he was hired by various businesses to be one of such guards. In , when the Chin Woo Athletic Association opened a branch in Guangzhou, Wong was invited to perform at the opening ceremony.

Wong was so affected by this incident that he stopped teaching his other sons martial arts. Wong felt so dejected and saddened by the loss of Po Chi Lam that he fell into depression and became ill.

Wong's grave location is currently unknown. It is also believed that his grave, along with others within the cemetery were long expunged for future developments.

Wong was a master of Hung Ga. Wong is famous for using the Shadowless Kick. He named the techniques of his skills when he performed them.

Wong was adept at using weapons, such as the staff and southern tiger fork. One tale, possibly fictional, recounts how Wong defeated a group of 30 gangsters on the docks of Guangzhou with a staff.

After his first wife died of illness in , Wong was widowed for 25 years. In , he married his second wife and had two sons and two daughters with her.

Some time after she died of illness, Wong remarried again in His third wife bore him two sons before falling victim to a deadly illness.

His fourth and final wife stayed with him from up till his death. The personal names of his first three wives are unknown.

He had four known children. At present, there is no information on Wong's two daughters. Wong had at least three grandsons and six granddaughters.

Decades later, it was first exhibited at the Wong Fei-hung Memorial Hall in and was controversially seen and even promoted by martial artists as a photo of Wong Fei-hong.

The man in the photo bears a close resemblance to his son, whose photo was the first to be often mistaken for his own father's back then.

Over films and television series featuring Wong have been produced since , mostly in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong actor Kwan Tak-hing starred as Wong in over 70 films between the s and s and earned himself the nickname "Master Wong".

Wong Kay-Ying was his father, who was a physician and great martial arts master also.. He learned traditional Chinese medicine, and also learned many important values such as generosity and compassion.

Wong Kay-Ying always treated a patient, even if he or she couldn't afford any treatment. The Ch'ing Dynasty consisted of Manchu emperors, who had conquered China from there home in Manchuria.

They were foreign invaders to the southern Chinese. The southern Shaolin Temple in Fukien was a place where the resistance would go to train to fight against the Ch'ing.

How it was accomplished without the modern advent of computer manipulation defies belief, but somehow they achieved it, and what you see are the greatest martial arts scenes ever put to film.

And i'm saying this post-Matrix. Never have I seen choreography so perfect, seen one brutally efficient, swift and elegant move follow one one after the other for so long while I watched captivated, drooling, forgetting to breathe, forgetting to think.

They are that good. And lets not even begin to say what they can do with the ladders. It has to be seen to be believed - no really. Every living human being.

Watch this film. You'll wish they were all made this way. Hard fist, soft eye chaos-rampant 8 November I think this is both troubling as a film and revealing of Chinese character.

As a standalone, it is I suppose fairly enjoyable, the cinematography is nice, the story long but intimate in spots, the fights some of them amazing.

But, this is not just a standalone, it has a rich context - the protagonist is a popular folk hero, the times of foreign oppression and inept administration it depicts were real and left punishing scars in the Chinese soul.

Something else bothers though. As a student of the Chinese model, I encounter this elsewhere, I believe it does a lot of bad, and turns away as many people as it brings in.

What they Chinese do usually has both hard and soft aspects, Confucius and Tao would be on opposite ends of this, kung fu and meditation.

When Western people are exposed to it, say with a film like this, unwittingly we register it as one picture. It endears, it's a scented romance. What isn't so easy to appreciate though is that to get that single harmonious picture the Chinese obsessively flatten their multifaceted experience, this is evident in the continuous reinvention, passionately undertaken, of both their political and martial arts narratives, and of course their penchant for opera.

Naturally, corners have to be cut in the name of a tidy narrative. And this carries over in cinematically packaging these things in ways that eliminate subtler levels in what they do.

Because the harmonizing effort is forcible, it can't help but take out of these things their soft wind, which is their real power in both the Taoist and creative sense.

If you accept as I do that wisdom is tolerance and capacity for cognitive dissonance, this artificial harmony wherever encountered dumbs us down.

In the film, you have the good sifu vs evil sifu, the good-natured but bumbling disciples, the evil street gang, the cruel army bureaucrat and foreign officials - all of them 'hard' stereotypes from the Boxer era, acted in a hard external manner.

And I believe the point at some stage was to contrast soft 'chi' based awareness in the Jet Li character with hard 'iron body' kung fu in the rival master as the difference in karmas they set in motion.

This has been flattened in favor of more or less the same kung fu. So hard politics, hard acting mirrored in the opera stage and two 'fake' actors , hard martial arts in the service of mythmaking.

Is there anything soft here, internal? The woman. She has come back from the West, straddles both worlds. She has come back with a camera, which she uses to snap pictures.

Her eye is 'soft', stills motion, caresses the shadow of the one she loves. Too bad they didn't make more room for this, using it to cultivate dissonance, reflection, innate capacities for clarity and beauty, which could then transfer over to the fights.

The music is marvelous though. And the camera glides as though on wires of its own. When most people thinks of martial arts movies, the immediate thought will be either a Bruce Lee film, or one of his countless imitations that filled the screen through the 70s and part of the 80s.

And while it's true that some great films were made in those years, it's also sadly true that most were of average quality, due not only to their low-budget, but also to the fact that most were cut and awfully dubbed when shipped overseas.

Being a patriot and a nostalgic, Hong Kong's legendary director Hark Tsui decided to resurrect the martial arts genre in the 90s, using one of the most respected Chinese national heroes: Wong Fei Hung.

Hark's retelling of the life and times of the legendary healer and martial artist became one of the best epic stories ever filmed, the series of films known in America as "Once Upon a Time in China".

In this first chapter of the saga, we are introduced to Wong Fei Hung Jet Li and his China, a land who by the late 19th Century is discovering the Western civilizations and is forced to open to the world.

Made leader of a team of militia warriors, Wong Fei Hung discovers that a group of Americans are kidnapping women to send to America as prostitutes.

Soon the skilled warrior Wong Fei hung will experience first hand the pros and the cons of the clash of cultures his people and the newly arrived Westerners.

Written by Hark himself and his usual team of collaborators, the movie is at first sight an overtly nationalistic story of patriotism and Chinese pride, however, "Wong Fei Hung" is not only about China, as it's more about changes and adaptation than about traditionalism.

Through the character of Wong Fei Hung, we see a man that is at the same time intrigued and repulsed by changes, but that has to make up his mind about if he wants to be the leader and the hero his people needs.

Sure, at its core it is a tale of the adventures of China's most representative hero, but the way the story is written make the story a more complex and interesting one.

Literally, a story that transcends its own film genre. Hark delivers a film that can not only be seen as another martial arts film, but also as the epic journey of a hero facing his most difficult challenge: an inner battle with himself.

With amazingly choreographed scenes and a great vision for cinematography by a great team lead by Arthur Wong and David Chung , Hark creates an epic film on the level of Sergio Leone or John Ford.

Jet Li excels at playing Wong Fei Hung one of the most portrayed character in movie history , in a performance that captures the essence of the film without making it over the top.

While not exactly faithful to the real Wong Fei Hung's fighting style, Jet Li's skills showcase his enormous talent and ability as a fighter and choreographer and every move of his is perfect.

Rosamund Kwan plays Siu Qun, a young woman who falls in love with Wong Fei Hung, but only creates more confusion as while not blood-related, she is technically her Aunt he calls her Aunt 13th.

She adds good humor to the film, and makes a great supporting actress to Jet Li. Humor is indeed an important characteristic of the movie, and Biao Yuen who surprisingly, has little chance to show his fighting skills , Jacky Cheung and Kent Cheng make great comedic performances.

While not exactly a perfect cast, it's safe to say that overall they give a good job, although the dubbing for the Westerners is remarkably bad.

Sure, it may feel overlong at times, but the film takes advantage of its runtime as almost every detail is of importance and very few scenes feel unnecessary.

The way it transcends its own genre has proved to be influential now after the releases of "Wo Hun Cang Long" "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Ying Xiong" "Hero" , two films that reinvigorated the old Wu Xia genre in the same way this movie did for the martial arts genre.

After this, Hark found a difficult time in the U. This is a phenomenal marital arts film, with some incredible fights, and a powerful story!.

The setting was awesome, and some of the stunt work was just absolutely incredible, i couldn't believe my eyes, plus Jet Li was simply amazing in this!.

All the characters are fantastic, and the dialog really shocked me at times, plus the finale is absolutely incredible. It's never boring not 1 minute of it, and the character development is awesome, plus the score is brilliant!.

The fight choreography is amazing, and it really gives you a strong message, plus Jet Li and Yee Kwan Yan had some incredible fights together!.

The plot is awesome, and the set pieces were absolutely stunning, plus after it was over it left me wanting even more!. It's long but never overlong, and Jet Li really really got a chance to showcase his incredible martial art skills here, plus it was quite original.

This is a phenomenal Martial arts film, with some incredible fights, and a powerful story! The Direction is incredible. Hark Tsui does an incredible job here, with amazing camera work, some incredible shots during the fight scenes, great angles, and lots of other fantastic stuff, plus he kept the film at an incredibly fast pace!.

There is quite a bit of blood and violence. We get TONS of extremely bloody gunshot wounds,knives in the chest,impaling's,stabbings,gory wounds,gunshot wound to the head and more.

The Acting is fantastic!. Jet Li is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, kicks that ass, was excellent in the acting department, had some cool lines, had great chemistry with Rosamund Kwan and was tons of fun to watch!

Jet Rules! Biao Yuen is excellent as Foon, i really liked him a lot! Rosamund Kwan is great as Aunt Yee, she was very classy and had great chemistry with jet i loved her.

Jacky Cheung is amusing with what he had to do. Kent Cheng is funny i liked him. Yee Kwan Yan is great and was pretty menacing.

Rest of the cast are fine. Overall go see this immediately it's one of the best martial art films ever made!. The "Once Upon" series is easily my favorite series of martial arts movies.

I am a huge fan of classic and modern kung fu movies and this is one that bridged the gap between the two.

It was a film that made the martial arts films exciting again. I do favor part II for the storyline, better side-kick Siu Chung Mok as Foon and action, but part I was the first one I saw and it got me hooked on the series.

Wonderful martial arts surrounded by the beautiful story of Wong Fei-Hung. I've read reviews of people not liking the storyline, but what they don't understand is that Wong Fei-hung is one of China's largest folk-hero's and most people know his story to begin with.

This story, of Wong Fei-hung coming home to protect his Aunt Yee is simple, but effective. This is great Hong-Kong cinema. This is much more than a Kung Fu Movie patrokov 9 July Wong Fei Hung is a legendary Chinese hero like James Bond whoe has some 90 films about him before this movie.

So this movie is not merely a kung fu movie. This movie's main theme is of Chinese culture vs Western culture as it is embodied by martial arts vs guns.

How can China remain beautiful in its art that requires years of dedication to master, when success can be so cheaply purchased with Western firearms?

Wong Fei Hung must make sense of it somehow, and in the end shows that while you can't fight guns with kung fu, that kung fu in the right hands can be just as deadly as guns.

It's not the gun Woven into this main theme is the theme of a lost sense of Chineseness and lack of communication.

The characters who cut off their queues their symbol of loyalty to the Qing dynasty because of desperation or confusion or ambition.

The mistaken Lion dance. Beyond this conflict, the movie has countless inside jokes for the fans of Honk Kong cinema. The trampolines at the end were a tribute to the early kung fu movies that used them before wire techniques were introduced.

The scene where the two disciples have to dress up in the Peking Opera: Sammo Hung TV's Martial Law traditionally played the role of the butcher in this series.

He, along with the other character who dressed up in the movie were originally trained in Peking opera and form there entered kung fu movies. So it was an inside joke.

The nerdy character is played by one of Hong Kong's most popular pop singers. This movie is simply incredible, even though the kung fu is not as satisfying as in some of Jet Li's other movies The Legend and Fist of Legend.

I recommend seeing it on DVD. That way you can see the original movie with subtitles. Then you can go back and watch it with a running commentary.

Stay away from the English dubbed version, as it cuts scenes from the movie. Jet Li is brilliant in this, it brings back memories of the old 70's Martial art films.

But here, Jet Li has given it much more of a polish. The fight scenes are classic! Well, being 5 times China's Wu Shu champion helps This film makes me proud to be Chinese Bob 2 August The first thing that struck me about the film was the terrific photography.

This is the best photographed martial arts film I've ever seen. The miniature ships and sets are so impressive as to be jaw-dropping. Alas, the story and editing are frequently confusing, the villains mostly cardboard and uninteresting, and there isn't a decent martial arts sequence in the first half.

Fortunately, the second half of the film is MUCH better. We need to be reminded that many times in our history we have NOT been the "good guys".

This is a wonderful movie. There are many great fight scenes. The fight among the ladders is spectacular and creative.


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